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Do you have what it takes

To Everest ?

1 Mountain - 17 Climbs - 29029 Feet

Oct 13 - 15

Stratton, VT

If you like challenges. If you like adventure. If you like doing the extraordinary. If you want to build your life resume and see what the f#ck you’re made of.

This is for you.

What if Mt. Everest and 29029 vertical feet came to you? 

We rented Stratton Mountain, the whole damn mountain, for a weekend in October.  We’re building a base camp village with bands, bonfires, food and drink. All participants sleep in tipi style tents with actual beds and heaters. It is “Burning Man” meets “Ironman”.

Here’s the challenge..

Run/walk/crawl up the mountain. Take the gondola down. Repeat. 17 times. Until you climb 29029 feet…EVEREST.

On October 13th-15th, were bringing the world’s hardest climb….to YOU.

It is not the mountain we conquer but ourselves
– Sir Edmund Hillary

29029 - A Challenge for the Soul
Use Your Weekends Wisely

The Challenge

Do you have what it takes to Everest? A private mountain. 17 climbs. 29029 vertical feet. This is a challenge that will truly Check Your Soul. Are you ready to find out what’s inside of you?

2 Nights
per summit
summits to "everest"
miles total
Make them count

We believe people can be transformed through extreme physical experiences

What's Included


Imagine a curated basecamp. Luxury tipi tents. Bonfires. Bands. Food and entertainment.


The premise Can you climb all 29029 vertical feet of Mt Everest in a weekend? You have 24 hours over 3 days to summit Stratton mountain 17 times. Each summit hike is 1,750 feet , 1.1 miles long and one step closer to a new story to tell. Everesting.

What's Included

Two nights accommodations in tipi style glamping tent with full bedding and heaters provided
Custom basecamp festival with bonfires, meals and entertainment
All inclusive food and beverage plus all hydration and nutrition for the three day Everesting challenge
Keynote address by founder and serial entrepreneur, Jesse Itzler
Welcome kit with challenge gear and limited edition 29029 swag
Private Facebook group
Entry to the 29029 challenge and finisher awards

This is not a race. There are no age group awards or medals. This is you versus you.

  • Check in + Welcome Lunch 11:30am - 2pm
  • 2pm Group summit hike
  • Everesting Day 1
  • Everesting Day 2
  • Everesting Day 3
  • Send off Lunch


Jesse Itzler

I feel most alive when I’m challenged…when i’m pushed..when I’m forced to see what I’m made of. Not when I’m sitting on the sidelines.

Every day you’re faced with a choice:

Will you exist or will you truly live?

29029 is for those who want to live. Those who believe challenging things change us. And that life’s greatest obstacles reveal what you’re really made of.

29029 is more than an event. It’s a dare. A test of will. A life experience only a few will have. It’s a Vermont mountain asking you to climb it. 17 times.

I have a quote that lives on my wall at home. A constant reminder to me to GO NOW when I’m on the fence of doing something HARD. “Because in the end you won’t remember the time you spent in the office or mowing the lawn”.

Come climb the goddamn mountain.

The average person has about 3,900 weekends in their lifetime. How do you want to spend yours?


You have



left to challenge yourself.

Do you have what it takes to Everest?

Make them count